Yes, you can see how much your clients/patients are reimbursed for visits to your practice in the Reimbursify Practice Portal if you subscribe to our Plus or Pro Practice Solutions plan. Click here to upgrade your plan.

To see the reimbursement amounts, log into the Practice Portal and navigate to the Claims section, where you will see all of the reimbursement claims filed by your clients/patients through Reimbursify.

The "Reimbursement For This Visit" column will show you how much your clients/patients were reimbursed for each visit.

If your client/patient has enabled "Automatic Claim Status Updates" in our app, or if your client/patient has manually entered this information in our app, this column will display the actual amount that they were reimbursed, otherwise it will display an estimate based on their co-insurance amount (represented in the "Estimated Reimbursement After Deductible" column next to it). Click here to learn more about Automatic Claim Status Updates.

If the value in this field says, "Check Coverage" you can click on it to run a quick benefits check. This will generate an estimate, based on their co-insurance amount.

If the value in this field says, "Coverage not available for payer," we are unable to generate an estimate for this insurance company, at this time.

Please send an email to if you need access to the Reimbursify Practice Portal, or if you'd like to upgrade your plan.