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Enabling 2-factor authentication for your Practice Portal account will make your account more secure by requiring anyone who signs into your account to verify their identity via a secure code that is sent to a registered mobile device via an SMS message.

To enable this feature, log into your Practice Portal account and navigate to Account Settings > Account Security.  Click the “Edit Settings” option.

Check the box to “Enable 2-factor authentication” and enter a mobile number where your secure code will be sent. Click the “Submit” button to send a code to the number you entered.

Enter the code that you received and click the “Submit” button. 

When the feature is enabled and properly configured, you will see the phone number where subsequent codes will be sent, each time you sign into your account. You can change the phone number by clicking the “Edit settings” option.

From this point forward, each time you sign into your Practice Portal account you will be prompted to enter the secure code that is sent to the mobile number you specified. You can opt to “Remember this device” if you are signing into the Practice Portal from a device that only you have access to, in which case you will not be prompted to enter a secure code on subsequent sign in attempts.

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