From the Reimbursify Practice Portal, you can click the "Invite a Patient" button in the main navigation invite your clients/patients to Reimbursify. It takes you to this form.

When you invite your clients/patients to Reimbursify, our system sends them an email that looks like this:

SUBJECT: {Practitioner Name, Credentials} is inviting you for free access to the Reimbursify app

My practice is a Reimbursify subscriber which gives you access to the Reimbursify app, so that you can quickly & easily see the claims we filed for you, or you can file your own health insurance reimbursement claims!

Follow these 2 steps in order to create an account and add my practice to it: 

  1. How do I create an account?
  2. How do I add my practitioner to my account?
  3. How do I add a child or spouse as a dependent on my account?

Download the Reimbursify app today:


-- {Practitioner Name, Credentials}