When you invite clients or patients to Reimbursify, they can set up their account (including their insurance information and other family members) so that you only need to enter their visit information when filing courtesy claims for them.

NOTE: This is an optional feature. You can still enter all the information for your clients or patients while filing courtesy claims, if you wish to provide that level of service for them.

Below are instructions for inviting your clients or patients.

From the Reimbursify Practice Portal, navigate to the "Clients" page (your page might be called "Patients", depending on your configuration) and click the "Invite" button near the top of the screen.

Enter the email addresses of the clients or patients that you want to invite. You can invite multiple clients or patients at one time, or you can invite them one at a time. 

If you belong to a group practice, you can select which practitioner(s) will be added to your client or patient's list of practitioners in the Reimbursify mobile app.

The invited clients or patients will be displayed on the confirmation page.

You can view a list of invited clients or patients who have not yet accepted your invitation via the "View Invited Clients (x)" link at the top of your Clients page.

From the list of invited clients or patients, you can either remove clients or patients from the list, or resend the invitation.

Once an invitation is accepted, the client or patient will appear in your Clients list, from where you can file claims, view their benefits, etc. 

When you invite your clients/patients to Reimbursify, our system sends them an email that looks like this:

SUBJECT: {Practitioner Name, Credentials} is inviting you for free access to the Reimbursify app

My practice is a Reimbursify subscriber which gives you access to the Reimbursify app, so that you can quickly & easily see the claims we filed for you, or you can file your own health insurance reimbursement claims!

Follow these 2 steps in order to create an account and add my practice to it: 

  1. How do I create an account?
  2. How do I add a child or spouse as a dependent on my account?

Download the Reimbursify app today:


-- {Practitioner Name, Credentials}