To make it easier for your practitioner to file claims for you and/or other members on your insurance plan, you can add them to your list of "Providers" via the Reimbursify mobile app.

First you must create a Reimbursify account via the Reimbursify mobile app. Step-by-step instructions for creating an account are here.

Once you have created an account, you will land on a screen that looks like this.

Tap on the "Profile" option at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on "Edit Profile".

Scroll down and tap on "Providers".

Tap the "Find your Practitioner" button.

Enter your practitioner's Type 1 NPI number in the field at the top.  If your practitioner also has a Type 2 NPI number (also known as an Organizational NPI Number) enter it as well, then tap the "Find your Practitioner" button.

Tap on your practitioner's name. If there are multiple options, select the location where you are most likely to visit them.

A success message will appear after your practitioner has been successfully added.

You can now tap the back arrow in the upper left corner of the screen to view your practitioner(s) in your list.

That's it, you're done! Now you can simply select this practitioner from your list the next time you want to file a claim for a visit to their practice. 

IMPORTANT: Your practitioner will now have access to the personal and insurance information for you and other members of your family, so that they can file claims on your behalf.