First, install the Reimbursify mobile app on your smartphone to create your Reimbursify User Account

Download it here:

Below are step-by-step instructions for creating your Reimbursify User Account via the Reimbursify mobile app on your smartphone.

Click the "Sign Up" button from the home screen.

You can sign up with either your email address and password, or you can sign up with a Google, Apple or Facebook login.

If you choose to sign up with your email address and password, we will send a confirmation message to your email address. Click the "Confirm Email" button in that email to confirm that you have access to that email account.

This will display the confirmation message below.

Return to the Reimbursify mobile app and tap the "I clicked the Link" button.

Enter your personal information and specify your preferred notification method.

Enter your insurance Member ID. Be sure to include your entire Member ID (including the "three letter prefix" if you have a Blue Cross / Blue Shield plan) and the suffix (e.g. "01," "02," "03") if there is one. Some insurance companies provide a single Member ID for all family members, and some provide a unique suffix for different family members.

Next, you will need to provide images of the front and back of your insurance card. You can either take photos via the Reimbursify app, or upload image files that you already have on your phone. Select the appropriate option on this screen.

If you choose to take photos of your insurance card, position your card so that it appears within the guidelines. Tap the "Take Photo" button.

Use the grabber bars to select just your insurance card from the photo and tap the "Crop" button to crop it.

Confirm your selection.

Repeat the same process for the back of your insurance card. Take the photo.

Crop the image.

Confirm your selection.

If you are the primary policyholder on your plan, tap the "Yes, I'm the Primary" button and skip the next step.

If someone else is the primary policyholder on your plan, tap the "No, I'm not the Primary" button and provide the information for the primary policyholder.

That's it! You can now tap the orange "+" button to file a claim for yourself.  Click here for step by step instructions for filing a claim.

If you'd like to file a claim for a dependent on your insurance plan, you will first need to add that dependent to your Reimbursify account. Click here for step-by-step instructions for adding a child or spouse as a dependent.