When filing claims for your clients via the Reimbursify Practice Portal, if you don't include all of their insurance information (their Insurance ID as well as images of the front and back of their insurance card), or if their insurance information has not previously been provided by either you or your client, when you submit the claim it will be saved as a Draft Claim in our system.

When a claim is saved as a Draft in the Practice Portal, an email will be sent to your client with instructions on how to enter their insurance information via the Reimbursify mobile app. The claim will appear in their mobile app under the Draft Claims tab, as in the illustration below.

Draft claims can also be edited by practitioners via the Practice Portal. To edit a Draft claim, navigate to the Claims page in Practice Portal, and click where it says, "View Draft Claims" near the top of the page. NOTE: If you do not have any Draft claims, you will not see this option.

On the Draft Claims screen, click the "Edit" icon next to the claim that you want to edit.

On the Edit Claim screen, enter your client's Insurance ID, as well as images for the Front and Back of their insurance card.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the orange "Submit Claim" button.

That's it! The claim will now be processed and sent to your client's insurance company. An email will be sent to your client as well.