Most, but not, all insurance companies provide real-time OON benefits information.

If you are trying to verify OON benefits for an insurance company that is not listed in Reimbursify's Verification of Benefits tool, you or your client/patient will have to contact the insurance company directly in order to verify their OON benefits.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if you can't use Reimbursify's real-time Verification of Benefits tool to verify the OON benefits for a client or patient, you can still submit reimbursement claims for their visits to your practice. For claim filing, Reimbursify works with all primary private health insurance companies. If your client or patient has OON benefits their claims will be processed and they will receive reimbursement in accordance with their plan's benefits.

Please contact us at if you would like us to add an insurance company to our list of supported insurance companies.