Once you have been approved for a Reimbursify Payments account, you can begin accepting credit card payments from your clients/patients via the Practice Portal. (Send an email to practitioners@reimbursify.com if you'd like to apply for a Reimbursify Payments account.)

To accept a credit card payment, select the "Patient Billing" option from the navigation panel in the Practice Portal (Note, this option might say "Client Billing," depending on your Practice Portal customization settings.)

1. On the Client/Patient Billing screen, enter the name and email address of your client/patient.

  • Check the box above the email address field if you'd like them to automatically receive a receipt via email

2. Enter the Amount to be charged and the Receipt Description.

  • We recommend including the date(s) of service in the Receipt Description field. This will make it easier for you and your clients/patients to keep track of which visits have been paid for.

3. Enter the Cardholder Details

  • Check the box below the cardholder fields to securely save the payment information for this client/patient. You will not need to re-enter this information the next time you accept payment from them.

4. When you click "Accept Payment" the cardholder information will be verified and payment will be accepted. (NOTE: If payment is declined, please re-enter the cardholder information and try again. If it fails again, you should try a different payment card. If you suspect that transactions are being incorrectly declined, please send an email to practitioners@reimbursify.com with the first and last name of the cardholder, so that our team can investigate.)

5. Click the "File a Reimbursement Claim for This Visit" button if desired. This will open a new browser window where the client/patient's email address will be pre-filled at the start of the claim filing process. Click here for instructions on how to file a claim.

6. You can verify that this payment has been processed by clicking the "View Billing History" option near the top of the Patient Billing screen.  You can also void a payment from the Billing History screen.

7. You can print out a paper receipt by clicking on any of the payments from the Billing History page, and then clicking "Print Receipt"