Cloning an existing claim can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to file claims for patients/clients that you have seen before.

Below are instructions for cloning claims inside the Reimbursify Practice Portal.

Find the claim that you would like to clone. (You can do this by navigating to either the "Claims" or the "Patients" section of the Practice Portal, and searching by the name of the patient/client.)

Click on the "FIle a Claim" icon next to the claim that you would like to clone.

Select "Clone their most recent claim" and check the box indicating that you have permission to file claims on behalf of this patient/client. Click the Submit button.

After you click the Submit button you will be stepped through the claim filing process. On the first screen, all of the patient details are pre-filled.

On the next screen, all of the service details are pre-filled. You will only have to specify the date(s) of service. Note, you can still modify any of the other service details for this visit.

On the final screen, type your name to certify the information, and click the Submit button to file the claim.