The first step when clients/patients file claims in the Reimbursify app is to select the practitioner who provided their care. They do this by searching for their practitioner by name or by NPI Number. By default, we display the primary practice visit address associated with each practitioner in our system, as illustrated below. This helps clients/patients select the proper practitioner when there is more than one practitioner with the same name.

Some practitioners don’t have an office, and only visit their clients/patients at their homes or workplaces, or only via telehealth. To avoid confusion and/or to keep your home address private in our app, use “Telehealth Only” or “Home Visits Only” in the street address field for your practice address. Be sure to include your actual city, state, and zip code in the fields provided.

For your mailing address, be sure to include your actual street address fields, even if it's your home address.  This address will NOT be seen by your patients/clients.  It will only be listed on claim submissions sent to payers as the "Billing Provider Info" which is required on health insurance claims.