In the Practice Portal, navigate to Coverage, where you can run a Verification of Benefits check for existing or prospective clients/patients to know what their true out-of-pocket costs will be.

Running a Verification of Benefits will determine:

  • If a client/patient has out-of-network coverage for the services you provide
  • How much their deductible is for out-of-network services
  • The remaining amount of their out-of-network deductible (year to date)
  • The percentage that the insurance company reimburses, after the deductible has been met

When you submit the insurance information of an existing client/patient, you will see the following results:

NOTE: Unlimited VOB Lookups are only available to practitioners with a Practice PRO subscription. Practice PLUS subscribers can run 2 full VOB Lookups and Practice BASIC subscribers can run restricted VOBs--click here to create your Practice Portal account.


NEW:  View the FULL Verification of Benefits Report, for both IN & OUT-of-Network services in dozens of care categories!  

Need more VOB lookups?  Click here to upgrade your plan.

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