Since the start of 2024, some of the larger private insurance companies are now requiring that for patients to receive reimbursement for out-of-network care, their healthcare provider's NPI number and Tax ID must be registered with the insurance company. This is only a way for them to verify your identity and will not enroll you in their networks.

Registering is typically a simple process, and we are strongly encouraging practices to register with UnitedHealthcare and the BCBS entity in the state(s) where you practice.

UnitedHealthcare has on online form which you can access here:

The various BCBS entities have slightly different processes. Use the link below to find the local BCBS for your practice, and click the link for your state in order to view instructions for registering for the entity in your state:

Also, it's important that your individual and organization (where applicable) record is up to date in the NPI Registry. If there are any issues with your claims, and an insurance company needs to contact you, they will most likely send correspondence to the mailing address associated with your record in the NPI Database. Click the link below to search for your NPI record and verify that the details are up to date:

If you need to update your NPI details, you can do so via this URL: