With FileFAST integrated into your website, your patients can quickly and easily submit reimbursement claims to their insurance provider with just their web browser.

Basic Integration

The easiest way to get started with FileFAST on your website is to simply link from your practice's website to your unique FileFAST page on Reimbursify's site. We recommend linking to it from somewhere in the header and/or footer section of your site, as in the example below.

When you signed up for one of our paid subscription plans (Practice PLUS or Practice PRO), you should have received a "Welcome to FileFAST" email that contains a link to your unique FileFAST page. The link will look like this:


Where the XXXXXXXXX's represent a unique "QikCODE" that identifies your practice. You can also find your QikCODE in the Practice Portal by navigating to the My Practice > FileFAST page. (Contact hello@reimbursify.com if you need us to resend your unique FileFAST link or QikCODE.)

Advanced Integration

In addition to hyperlinking to your unique FileFAST page on Reimbursify's site, you can also embed the Reimbursify claim filing form directly into your own site, as in the example below.

You will need access to your website's source code in order to copy this HTML code snippet and paste it into your site, wherever you want this option to appear:

<div class="reim-ffw-container" 

title="Submit your reimbursement claim right now"







style="width: 300px; height: 250px;">


<script type="text/javascript" src="https://reimbursify.com/ffweb/ffw.js">


Be sure to replace the XXXXXXXXX's with the unique "QikCODE" that identifies your practice. (Send a note to hello@reimbursify.com if you need us to resend your unique QikCODE.)

The example above will display the 300 pixel by 250 pixel "banner image" below (available at https://bit.ly/3hL2CxW) on your website wherever you insert the code. Clicking on this image will launch the claim reimbursement form, directly over your web page, as in the example above.

Default "Banner Image" (https://bit.ly/3hL2CxW)

If you'd like to display a different "banner image" or button on your website that users can click to launch the form, simply specify the URL of the image you'd like to display between the quotes of the "data-banner" field in the code snippet above. Note: you may also have to modify the values for the "data-height" and "data-width" fields, to match the dimensions of your new image.

Default "Header Image" (https://bit.ly/3dDOSpv)

If you'd like to customize the "header image" that appears at the top of the FileFAST widget that opens when someone clicks on the banner image, replace the "https://bit.ly/3n2Uwop" URL in the embed code above with the URL of whatever image you'd like to appear in that place. Ideally, your image should be 1043 pixels wide by 109 pixels tall.