With FileFAST integrated into your website, your patients can quickly and easily submit reimbursement claims to their insurance provider with just their web browser.

Basic Integration

The easiest way to get started with FileFAST on your website is to simply link from your practice's website to your unique FileFAST page hosted by Reimbursify. We recommend linking to it from somewhere in the header and/or footer section of your site, as in the example below.

You can obtain your unique FileFAST link from the My Practice > Website Integration section of your Practice Portal. Scroll down the page to the "FileFAST Links" section.

If you belong to a group practice with multiple practitioners, using the Organization URL link in the example below is recommended. Users who visit this link will be prompted to select which practitioner from your group they visited.

If you don't belong to a group practice, you won't see this option in your Practice Portal.

Advanced Integration

In addition to hyperlinking from your site to your unique FileFAST page hosted by Reimbursify, you can also place the Reimbursify Embeddable Widget directly into your own site, as in the example below.

Click here for detailed instructions for installing the Reimbursify Widget on your website.