Our digitized process gets claims delivered to insurance payers' processing hubs within hours.  While many payers will process the claims within a week or two, we do recommend allowing four to six weeks for processing, since that is a timeframe stipulated by most states.  

Once processed, you will see the claims show up in your insurance company's online portal. 

You will also receive a letter in the mail called an Explanation of Benefits (EOB for short). The EOB will outline how your benefits were applied and have a check attached for any approved reimbursement.

Once you've received the EOB letter, you can then open the Reimbursify app, go to the claim in the dashboard and tap APPLY EOB. You can enter how much went towards your deductible and/or how much you got reimbursed. 

You can also enable a feature in our app called Automatic Claim Status Updates. With this feature you connect your Reimbursify account to your insurance account and we will automatically update the status of your claims as they are processed. Click here to learn more about this feature.

NOTE: Claims will not appear in your online insurance portal until after they have been processed by your insurance company. Sometimes processing can be delayed if your insurance company cannot verify the identity of your practitioner. In these cases, the insurance company may try to contact your practitioner, in order to verify their identity. If you have filed claims via Reimbursify and they are not appearing in your online insurance portal, please contact us at hello@reimbursify.com so that we can connect with your insurance company and/or practitioner to resolve any issues with your claims.

Using Reimbursify helps you fulfill your out-of-network deductible there faster than anything and optimize the benefits of your health insurance!