When you enable Automatic Claim Status Updates for your Reimbursify account, your claims will automatically be updated as soon as they are processed by your insurance company, and they will move from the "Sent to Insurance" to the "Processed by Insurance" tab as their status changes.

To enable Automatic Claim Status Updates, tap the "Insurance" tab at the bottom of the Reimbursify app. If your insurance company supports real-time claim updates, you will see the option to enable this feature near the top of the screen (highlighted below). You will not see the this option if your insurance company does not support it.

On the next screen, select your insurance company from the list. 

After selecting your insurance company (Aetna was selected, in this example), enter the username and password that you use to log into your insurance company's online portal. Check the Terms of Use boxes and select "Validate Credentials" at the bottom of the screen.

It may take a few minutes for us to connect with your insurance company's system.

Once your insurance company login information is validated, Automatic Claim Status Updates will be enabled for your account.

Starting the next day, claims that have been processed by your insurance company will appear in the "Processed by Insurance" section of your Reimbursify app, along with details on the amount paid to your deductible or sent as a reimbursement. 

NOTE: after you enable this feature it will take one day for previously-processed claims to appear in the "Processed by Insurance" section.