You can add dependents to your account via the Reimbursify mobile app by following the instructions on this page.

In some cases, it might not be possible for you to add dependents to your account. This article explains why, and how to fix your account, so that you can.

When you created your account, if you specified that your relationship to the Primary Insured on your policy was something other than "Spouse" or "Domestic Partner" you will not be able to add dependents to your account. In order to add dependents to your account, you will have to change your relationship to the Primary to either "Spouse" or "Domestic Partner" by following these steps.

In the Reimbursify mobile app, tap on the "Insurance" tab at the bottom of the screen. This will display your Policy Information in the section at the top, and your Policy Members in the section at the bottom, as in this diagram.

Tap the "Edit" option in the Policy Members section (the second section) to display a list of members on your insurance policy.

Tap on your name in the list. ("John Doe" in the example below.)

On the next screen, scroll down to where you specify your relationship with the primary. Tap on the "Relationship" field to display the list of relationship options. Select "Spouse" or "Domestic Partner" from the list of options.

Scroll down and tap "Save."

You should now see the name of the Primary Insured in your list of Policy Members, as well as your name. You should also see the option to Add Policy member. Tap where it says, "Add Policy Member" and follow these instructions for adding policy members to your account.