Why should I use Reimbursify to file claims for me, when I could just send them to my insurance company myself?

  • Guaranteed Delivery

    • Your claims won’t get "lost in the mail."

  • Quicker Processing

    • We inspect your claims to ensure that when your insurance company receives them there are no errors. This way, they are processed as quickly as possible.

  • Claim Status Updates

    • We inform you every step of the way, as your claims are processed by your insurance company.

  • Claims History

    • See every claim you have ever submitted in one place, including the status of each one.

  • We Keep Score for You

    • We automatically update the status of your out-of-network deductible as your claims are processed, so you know exactly when you will be getting money back from your insurance company.

Here is what other customers like you are saying about Reimbursify:

"Reimbursify is so easy to use! Also the turnaround time is faster than when I directly submit the claims to my insurance company. This app is a revelation to anyone who puts off submitting their claims and to those who like to stay on top of things. They also have outstanding customer support."

"Claims get into the insurance company database for processing faster. Refilling is a million times easier. Reimbursify customer service by email has always been responsive, helpful, and personalized."

"This app is awesome! Reimbursify took the hassle out of self filling for reimbursement of out-of-network claims. Easy, straightforward to use. I was able to successfully get reimbursed for claims dating back to 2019! So far, I’ve been reimbursed $3k on claims which I tried submitting myself but ended up being rejected. I’ve recommended this app to so many health care providers and patients!"

It's free to file your first claim. Give it a try and let us know if you have any further questions.