If you see the same practitioner at the same office, to treat the same condition with the same methods over and over again, cloning claims is the fastest way to submit subsequent claims to your insurance company, since only the date(s) of service have to be updated.

Follow these steps to clone a claim.

Step 1: Find the Claim You Want to Clone

In your list of FILED or PROCESSED claims, be sure that the claim you are cloning has all of the same patient, insurance, practitioner and visit information (including place of service, diagnosis codes, treatment codes, modifiers and units (if applicable) and fees).

Tap the “CLONE CLAIM” button

Step 2: Select the New Date(s) of Service

Choose dates on the calendar to specify when the visit(s) took place. You can select multiple dates if all of the visits had the same codes and fees, which you will enter on the following steps. Click here to learn more about multi-date filing

Step 3: Submit a Photo of Your Receipt/Superbill

Tap the orange shutter button to take a photo of your receipt/superbill, or tap the upload icon to select a digital file (PDF) from your phone. Use the cropping tool to select only the portion of the photo that contains your receipt/superbill. You can submit multiple photos if you are submitting claims for more than one visit. Click here to learn more about submitting a copy of your receipt/superbill

Step 4: Review and Submit Your Claim

Review the details of your claim, and then tap the orange "SUBMIT" button to send it to your insurance company. (Note: If this is not your first claim, you may have enter payment details in order to submit the claim.)

Click here to learn more about paying for your claims

That's it! Your claim is on its way to your insurance company, and you will receive an email from Reimbursify confirming your submission. 

You can view the status of your claim at any time by selecting the "FILED" tab on the Home dashboard.

It typically takes 30-45 business days for most insurance companies to process claims, after which time you will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) in the mail or via email, containing details about which portion of your visit is covered by your plan,  how much was applied to your deductible and how much was reimbursed. You can enter these details for any claim under the "PROCESSED" tab on the Home dashboard.