There are a couple of ways you can fix an error to a claim that's been submitted, based on the timing of the submission: 

Reimbursify gives you a two hour window to delete a claim that has been submitted. If the claim displays an orange button that says CANCEL CLAIM, you can tap it and confirm the deletion. The app will automatically add a claim credit to your account and you can then resubmit the corrected claim. 

Even after your submitted claim has been sent to your insurance company, you can make edits and resubmit the claim directly in our mobile app. You will not be charged for resubmitting edited claims. Follow these steps to edit and resubmit a claim.

From the "Sent to Insurance" section of the app, tap on the claim that you'd like to edit.

From the "Claim Details" screen, select the "Resubmit" button. 

On the next screen, tap the "Resubmit" button. Note, you cannot alter the Date of Service, Provider Name or Patient Name when resubmitting a claim.

Open the "Claim Details" section on the next screen, and tap on any of the visit details that you'd like to edit. 

In this example we tapped on the "ICD-10/Diag Code(s)" detail. Tap on a code to edit it, or swipe to delete it.

If you choose to edit it, enter the new code and tap "Done"

Then tap "Add All Diagnosis Codes" to move to the next step.

Tap "Continue" to apply the new codes to your claim.

Review the updated visit details on the next screen and tap "Submit."

The updated claim will be resubmitted and processed by your insurance company within 30-45 business days of receiving it.